Still Life

2012, mounted c-prints, dimensions variable

These pieces developed in response to my interest in the allegorical vocabulary in Dutch still life paintings from the 1700’s. These were also the first pieces in which I photographed individual objects on a black backdrop, offering me the ability to print and mount the same image in various sizes.

The final groupings of selected objects placed together on wooden shelves stand in specific relationships to each other, both in terms of their physical placement and their cognitive consonance, dissonance, and resonance. (piece above titled Empty Vessels and the Spiritual, 22” H x 48” L x 5” D)

The Spoils of Foodtown in Sunnyside, Queens, 30” H x 48” L x 5” D

The Market, 31” H x 96” L x 5” D 

Still Life with Danish, Cookies, Pear and Book, 26” H x 48” L x 5” D

The Evening, 28” H x 48” L x 5” D

Sweet, Ripe and in Bloom, 27”H x 48” L x 5” W

Split (Pomegranates and Cantaloupe) 31” H x 96” L x 5” D