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House of Cards

In these works the cards are photographed on simple black backgrounds, which are separated from them for compositing. These negative spaces (cutouts) then reappear in the compositions functioning as voids and patterns that trace back to the photographic and digital process used to create the […]

American Still Life

American Still Life began with an aesthetic impulse to explore the carefully considered visual impact of both the packaging and product of highly processed, shelf stable food—specifically the paradoxical spectacularly horrific beauty; the eye-catching colors, the mass-manufactured forms of the foods, and the overarching premium placed […]

Still Life

These pieces developed in response to my interest in the allegorical vocabulary in Dutch still life paintings from the 1700’s. These were also the first pieces in which I photographed individual objects on a black backdrop, offering me the ability to print and mount the […]

The Harvest

The Harvest deals with the relationship between perceptions of the availability of seasonal foods and the resulting shift in consumption due to the globalization of the produce supply in America. In this piece I set out to document how images of that system are presented […]


As long as I have been in New York I have photographed mattresses left on the sidewalk for trash pick-up.