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De Kolta’s Marvelous Cube

This video was a component of the exhibition, The Real Unknown. It is one of six videos from a piece titled Doubting Odile.


Over the last year I have taken pictures of the maps from the GPS systems in cars at various locations that have personal significance to me. I then remove all the specific language from the image leaving a modern day landscape. This particular piece is […]

Home of the Big Mess

Home of the Big Mess is a recreation of a neon sign from a deli window in Flushing, Queens that I passed everyday on my way to work. The Big Mess is their number one selling sandwich.

whatever happens (eclipse machine)

The eclipse is projected onto a 60 foot curved wall that is painted midnight blue, the blue of a crisp winter night. The black silhouette of a city and its surrounding countryside edges the bottom of the wall. A total lunar eclipse is far more […]


The work 30 consists of thirty video clips taken over the thirtieth year of my life. Punctuating the division between each video clip is a flashcard with text on it, mimicking the format of silent films. Prosaic comments such as “ Move your feet” and […]