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The Economy of Commerce

The Commerce of Economy evolved out my continual anxiety over personal fiscal matters. Isolating and enlarging all four corners of a dollar bill, I etched each number one and its accompanying distinct decorative components on a sheet of glass. When lit from above the number […]

The Harvest

The Harvest deals with the relationship between perceptions of the availability of seasonal foods and the resulting shift in consumption due to the globalization of the produce supply in America. In this piece I set out to document how images of that system are presented […]

The Good News

The Good News deals with both the humorous and callous way in which language is used in the media. Over the period of one year I collected The New York Post for everyday in which I was in town. Painting out everything on the cover […]

The Russians are Coming

The Russians are Coming is a video created using appropriated clips from the 1966 American comedy film, The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming. The movie tells the Cold War story of the comedic chaos which ensues when a Soviet submarine accidentally runs aground […]